Friday, October 23, 2015

Pearlington, Mississippi: Lunar Lander

This might be the best highway welcome center ever.

Mississippi throws out the red carpet, and a little moon dust, to visitors who get off of Exit 2 on Interstate 10. The welcome center is just south and east of the exit. This way, you can visit it if you are traveling in either direction.

Across from the center itself is a 30-foot model of the lunar lander, as in the machine that landed on the moon a few times during the Apollo days. Your first reaction probably will be like mine - How did they get that thing to fly?

Underneath the lander is an autograph of sorts. Astronaut Fred Haise wrote his name in cement, along with leaving bootprints.

Down the road from the visitors center is the Infinity Space Center, which makes this quite an area for a roadside stop. And tourists can load up on the usual books and pamphlets during their visit as well as use the facilities. You can't ask for more from a welcome center.

About the only question I have is the location, which is tough to track down. Roadside America, which does a great job on this, lists the host city as Westonia. But that seems to be north and west of the center. Besides, the Infinity Science Center calls Pearlington home. So I'm going with Pearlington. 

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