Monday, October 19, 2015

Davis Bayou, Mississippi: Gulf Islands National Seashore

You've heard of national parks and monuments, no doubt. Welcome to a national seashore.

Congress created the Gulf Islands National Seashore in 1971. It protects the islands and some of the coastline in Florida and Mississippi. For some reason, Alabama opted not to be part of the program so those islands are not part of the national seashore.

Our visit was a brief one to the Mississippi shore, including a stop at the Colmer Visitor Center in Davis Bayou near Ocean Springs off Route 90. (It's easy to miss; the entrance is surrounded by forest.) We took a short walk on the boardwalk to the edge of the swamp. It's striking in its own way. There is a ferry to one of the islands, and private boats do go to the other barrier islands. The Florida islands can be reached by car.

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