Friday, December 11, 2015

Jamestown, New York: Murals of Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball became a little bigger than life in her career, but not this big.

Jamestown has honored its native daughter with five murals scattered around downtown. They are all done by local artist Gary Peters, and add a nice touch of public art to the area.

The one shown here is the best one. It's a tribute to one of the most famous episodes of "I Love Lucy," in which she becomes a commercial hostess for a health product. The catch is that the serum contains alcohol, and the more takes Lucy does, the more intoxicated she gets. Vitameatavegamin gets pretty mangled along the way.

There are murals of the candy-wrapping episode, one with Lucy and Desi, a replica of the Lucy stamp placed on the wall of the post office, and one across the river from downtown with Lucy, Ricky, Fred and Ethel driving to California.

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