Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Welcome to "the Paris of the Prairies."

OK, there's no Eiffel Tower in sight, and Mona Lisa doesn't live here. Still, Saskatoon is a nice, pleasant city located north of East Montana. It's the biggest city in Saskatchewan, and the spaces get mighty open when you go north of here.

Saskatoon's major physical feature is that it is flat. This is the true prairie of Canada. In other words, what a great place for a marathon. The city of 200,000 is more or less surrounded by farm land; you can see all of the rectangles as you fly in. There aren't many curves in the roads outside the city.

Snow apparently isn't a huge problem here, but it does get cold in the winter. Temperatures dip blow 20-below (F) a few times a year here. I would imagine that when the wind comes across the Rockies, across Alberta and into Saskatoon, it can get REALLY cold. On the other hand, summers seem to be fine and appreciated.

Here's a picture of the City Centre, perched along the South Saskatchewan River - which, by the way, eventually goes into Hudson's Bay. It's not a big downtown area, but there is a pretty healthy business district.

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