Sunday, August 28, 2016

Columbus, Ohio: Capitol Square Complex

Ohio's state capitol is rather typical in terms of design and use when compared to other states. It has chambers for the branches of legislature, lots of offices and meeting rooms, painting of former governors, etc.

This one does have a couple of extra touches. There's something of a museum on the ground floor, which includes a glass version of the state seal shown in the picture. Is the sun rising or setting, as Benjamin Franklin once asked about a similar seal.  The capitol has a cafe and gift shop.

In addition, there are the usual historical statues around the grounds. William McKinley has a big one; he is portrayed waving to his wife - which he apparently did every day while going to work, since he stayed at a hotel across the street.

Tours are available hourly during the middle of the day (10 to 3); check the website for times. We had a brand-new guide on our visit; he did fine.

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