Sunday, August 28, 2016

Columbus, Ohio: World's Largest Gavel

This is billed as the world's largest gavel. Who am I to argue?

It is located in a reflecting pool just a few blocks from the Ohio state capitol. The area is in the midst of a ground of judicial buildings, and you can see the river from the plaza there. It's an easy stop if you are in downtown Columbus and have a few spare minutes - particularly if you are waiting for a guided tour of the capitol.

The lesson: If you really want to hammer out justice, and hammer out a warning, get a big gavel.

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1 comment:

  1. A small town in Illinois, called Casey, is currently building a wooden gavel that is supposed to outdo this one (although I think this one is much prettier). Casey bills itself as "Big Things in a Small Town" and it has quite a few Guinness record winners. You can also visit the shop where the "big things" are made; the gavel was being worked on when Sarah and I were there last month.