Sunday, August 28, 2016

Marion, Ohio: Warren Harding Memorial

I have been to a number of Presidential graves, and the chief executives who died in office usually have the biggest memorials. Garfield and McKinley have big ones, while Kennedy's is on the understated side.

Here's the memorial for Warren Harding in Marion, Ohio. Sure enough, it's a big one - as he died in 1923 less than three years after his election. It is on a big plot of land on the corner of a Marion cemetery, only about three miles or so from his house.

The problems of Harding's Administration didn't fully come out until well after his death; his Interior Secretary was the first Cabinet officer to go to jail. So Harding was well remembered in death, especially in Marion as you'd expect. The name of the high school sports teams in Marion is "the Presidents." Of course.

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