Sunday, August 28, 2016

Cleveland, Ohio: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Everything is still up to date at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, which remains a stunning attraction a couple of decades after its opening - and almost that long since my last visit.

The building itself is stunning, thanks to the work of I.M. Pei. The facility has done wonders for the lakefront of the city, with the Browns' stadium and a science center nearby.

Visitors go down a floor and start to work their way up to the top. Level One, for example, has tributes to rock's roots, Elvis Presley and other legends, costumes and memorabilia, etc. It takes quite a while to get up to Level Two. There are plenty of films along the way, and naturally music at every stop. Level Three has a film about the inductees, followed by a long hallway with the signatures of everyone who has been picked. It's a little less dramatic than the old approach of ending the tour at the top with tributes, but it's a fun idea. The two two floors, which are small, are reserved for special exhibitions. In our case, it was "Louder than Words - Rock * Power * Politics."

Let's just say that just about anyone who likes the music will want to spend a few hours in there easily. Others might never come out.

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