Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Fred Rogers Statue


I recently visited the North Shore of Pittsburgh, and came across this statue of Fred Rogers, the beloved children's television personality. I snapped a picture from this angle, and then took a look at the shot later.

Sadly, Fred didn't have a head in my photo. Rats.

Until I get back to this location, I have to rely on the good wishes of I am using their photo, and hope they don't mind. (If they do, I'll take it down immediately.)

Rogers' show ran from 1968 to 2001. He won a Presidential Medal of Honor and a Peabody Award. Rogers died in 2003, and this statue was dedicated as part of a tribute to children in 2009. Fred would have liked that. Up close, the statue makes him look something like a superhero, but the material works just fine at a distance.

The North Shore has gone through a wonderful transformation as of late, and - yes - Fred makes sure that it's always a beautiful day in his neighborhood.

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