Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: PNC Park

For those who love their baseball parks, PNC Park in Pittsburgh is on anyone's list of the favorites. It's been open since 2001, and everyone instantly agreed that it's one of the best facilities of its kind of the nation.

PNC Park isn't too big, and has some nice little oddities that give it some character. For example, you can actually sit next to the right field scoreboard. There's not much foul territory.

Outside, there's a nice statue to Pirates great Honus Wagner right behind home plate - Willie Stargell and Roberto Clemente get similar honors in the outfield. The first-base foul line parallels Mazeroski Way, after the Pirates' second baseman. And the bridge in yellow above is the Roberto Clemente Bridge, which many fans cross to come to the game.

Then there's the view. Like the one above, taken on a perfect night for baseball. I've never been to San Francisco, which is known as a fabulous ballpark. And it's hard to top all this.

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