Saturday, October 15, 2016

Arcadia, Oklahoma: Pops

Our first stop during a relatively short drive down the old Route 66 (now state road 66 in Oklahoma) is the iconic Pops store, located a bit northeast of Oklahoma City.

The bottle in front of the store lights up, so it might be beautiful after sunset. But it's quite a scene even at 9 a.m., when we were there. The statue is, of course, 66 feet tall.

This is essentially a convenience store with a small restaurant and gas station. The selling point is that there are close to 500 different types of soda pop there. I don't known if Ho Jo Cola is represented, but they certainly have lots of choices. (Bring a bottle opener if you are come.) This list is said to include Chicken Wing cola. They do have a few souvenirs, including the best sweatshirt I saw on Route 66.

By the way, Pops also has a couple of outlets in the Oklahoma City airport. You can get a few different flavors of pop there, although the choice doesn't compare to the home store.

Here's the video on the store:

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