Saturday, October 15, 2016

Chandler, Oklahoma: Route 66 Interpretive Center

This place certainly makes a good entrance when it comes to luring tourists inside. It's a former Armory, built during the 1930s. They say the walls are 20 inches thick, so this place will be here for a while.

The Oklahoma National Guard left it in 1971, so the decision was made some years later to turn it into the Route 66 Interpretive Center. If you are wondering that exactly that is, well, you probably aren't alone.

There are a few relics from the golden age of Route 66, but the heart of the exhibit is the videos that are available. You can even sit in car seats or lay on replica beds and watch them.

At least in theory. When we were there, about two of the six videos were actually working. Without those, it's fair to say the value of the visiting experience was lessened considerably.

The gift shop had some interesting items, and the one employee was friendly, so that helped. It looked like the rest of the building was used for a variety of functions, as there is a big hall in the back and a nice meeting room.

The official website has more information. Assuming the video machines get fixed, it's worth a stop.

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