Saturday, October 15, 2016

Warwick, Oklahoma: Seaba Station

You have to be alert to come across the top tourist attraction in Warwick, Oklahoma. It's a restored filling station on Route 66, and it contains the owner's personal motorcycle collection.

This building has gone through a variety of lives over the years. It opened for gas in the 1920s, even before Route 66 opened for business. From there it went into engine repair, and then turned into something of a gift shop. And now, it's a motorcycle museum.

We aren't too interested in motorcycle history, but some of you certainly are. A stop for those people, then, is definitely in order. A visit to the website might fill in some gaps too. They need a little updating, since there's a page that talks about something planned for 2010.

And here's a look at the facility in 2011:

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