Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Foyil, Oklahoma: Totem Pole Park

There's a lesson with this particular item. If you are going to go all the way to Foyil, Oklahoma, remember to take a picture of the main attraction.

That attraction is the giant totem pole shown in the picture. It's the world's largest stone totem pole, and made by artist Ed Galloway over the course of 11 years through 1948. After Galloway died in 1961, the place sat empty until the Rogers County Historical Society took it over in 1989. The Society fixed up the place, which held up well in spite of 28 years of neglect.

The place also contains some other small poles and picnic tables. There's an 11-sided building that contains a gift shop.

Totem Pole Park is a few miles off state road 66. It's an odd place to visit, in part because it is so isolated. When we were there, it was a dark cloudy day and we were the only people around - the gift shop wasn't even open.

And, while I took a few pictures of the area, I forgot to get one of the main attraction. So this one is borrowed from another web site. Thanks for filling out my photo album.

Here's the full tour on video:

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