Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oologah, Oklahoma: Will Rogers Birthplace Ranch

If you're interested enough in Will Rogers to see a museum about him, you might as well go see where he was born. It is just up the road a few miles in Oologah, which if nothing else is fun to say if you are visiting.

You should know that this is not the original location for the house. It was moved to a spot overlooking a lake, and it's a great place. The picture shows the entrance. The small plaque on the bottom right is a marker saying that one of the greatest names in journalism was born in the house.

Will's father did quite well for himself. The building is in Rogers County, which indeed is named for dad and not Will. Visitors can walk in and see the lower level of the house. The upstairs area is closed. It is free.

This really is a ranch. There are animals that hang out on the grounds; the horses are more than willing to come over to pose for a picture (they no doubt are hoping for a little treat). A small grass airstrip is next to the house.

Here's a better look at the facility:

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