Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Gold Dome Building

It looks like the relatively famous Gold Dome Building in Oklahoma City is going to survive to live another day ... maybe decades.

The building, which is on the old Route 66, was built in 1958. It was a bank until 2001, when the owner wanted to close it because of the high cost of needed repairs. That prompted a big civic effort to save the dome, and put demolition plans on hold.

The building was put up for action and purchased in 2012, but the developer reversed his renovation plans and had hoped to demolish it and put something else on the property. An engineering firm tried its luck in 2013, but that didn't work either.

While the building looks pretty lonely now, help appears to be on the way. Natural Grocers has announced plans to put a store in there. Progress has been made in that transaction, so let's hope the business will thrive and the dome comes back to life.

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