Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Milk Bottle Grocery

You have to admit - this is darn near irresistible. How could you not get out of the car and take a picture of a tiny building with a milk bottom on top?

Once upon a time - in this case 1930 - this small building was constructed on a spot of a street car stop. It's right on the old Route 66 route, so it became relatively famous.

The first purpose of the building was as a very small grocery story. The bottle went up in 1948 - a nice plug for the local dairy industry.While the building has been used for many different businesses over the years, the bottle has remained separate.

The current advertiser is Braum's, which is a chain of restaurants in Oklahoma and surrounding states. While you can buy some hamburgers and sandwiches there, and it also has convenience store items, ice cream is the main attraction. Not only is it really good ice cream, but the prices are amazingly low. It didn't take long to us to adopt the place as the primary stop for treats.

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