Monday, October 17, 2016

Tulsa, Oklahoma: The Healing Hands

Whoa. That's one big pair of hands.

The structure is how visitors are greeted at the main entrance to Oral Roberts University. The statistics tell some of the story. This is 60 feet high and it weighs 30 tons.

The praying hands used to be in front of a faith-healing hospital. However, that business didn't do too well and was eventually shuttered. The hands were shipped down the street to the university, where they seem, at the least, appropriate. Roberts at his peak was a well-known evangelist with a relatively popular TV show, although he did receive criticism for a flamboyant, expensive lifestyle.

There is a parking lot about a couple of dozen cars nearby, and it's an easy walk from there to the pretty campus. If you are in the neighborhood, bring a camera.

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