Monday, October 17, 2016

Tulsa, Oklahoma: Prayer Tower

One thing about evangelist Oral Roberts - he was a believer in thinking big.

When he started building the university that bears his name, Roberts made sure to have some interesting architecture be part of the landscape. This might be the best example of it.

The prayer tower is more or less in the middle of the campus. It goes 200 feet up. The highlight is the walkway in the middle. It goes in a circle in order to offer a full look at the campus.

We didn't have much time for a visit, but made it in shortly before closing. We were instructed to take a lap in the building, stopping at designated spots to read a quote from Roberts and pray. Well, we didn't exactly follow the instructions, which made it quicker to get around. But it's a nice view. The inside portions of the tower have rooms designed for prayer by groups or individuals.

By the way, it's free.

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