Friday, June 30, 2017

Owen Sound, Ontario: Inglis Falls

When we visited the Owen Sound Welcome Center (friendly, helpful folks there, by the way), the woman behind the counter was surprised that we had been to the area before without seeing the best waterfall in the town limits. They can't say that about us now.

We were convinced to drop in on Inglis Falls, located a few miles south of downtown in a relatively undeveloped area. It's an impressive site.

Peter Inglis bought the land around the waterfall in 1845, and started a mill there. It produced flour, bran and wool, according to the tourist brochure. Now it's devoted to the public.

There are some good viewing spots around the waterfall, which featured waters with a tea-like color during our visit. Quite nice. The Sydenham River also is visible in the area above the falls, quietly moving along until it gets to the drop. There is plenty of parking for visitors, by the way, and it's on a good-sized hiking trail.

Care to see what it looked like six weeks before we got there? Me too.


There are other waterfalls in the area. Check out the website for details.

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