Friday, June 30, 2017

Tobermory, Ontario: MS Chi-Cheemaun

If you've looked at Ontario on a map, you know there's a narrow peninsula that extends well into Lake Huron/Georgian Bay. In fact, it helps to split the two connected bodies of water.

Your choices of going to other parts of land to the north, then, are limited. You can go back down and drive around the lake or bay, which will take hours. Or, you can hop on the ferry - the MS Chi-Cheemaun.

It's a functional boat that does its job of getting passengers around the water to South Baymouth. The trip takes about an hour and a half, and the efficiency of the operation is evident. Cars line up and get on the boat as soon as it's clear from the last voyage. The passengers get off and can stroll about the ship. There's a decent cafeteria here, so it's not a bad spot for a meal if you come at the right time. A deck goes around the ship's edge, and there's a gift shop for those who want a souvenir.

Someone obviously had a sense of humor on top of the boat, as you can see by the paint job in the photograph above. Nicely played.

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