Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hodgenville, Kentucky: Lincoln's Birthplace

It's not really Lincoln's birthplace. This is the building that holds Lincoln's birthplace. The actual structure is old and about as big as a good-sized living room today -- hard to believe an entire family lived in it. No pictures are allowed inside the building.

Hodgenville went all out on this one. There are 56 steps to the top, one for each year of Lincoln's life. This is in a very nice park setting. By the way, the land adjoins some privately owned land, so there is cheap commercialism on the edge of the park.

Lincoln's water supply is located at the bottom of a hill below the house. That raises the question, why would the Lincolns build a house at the top of the hill, and have to carry the water all the way up? It's been guessed that the house was placed there to afford a better setting, and it sounds right to me. It's still a nice setting, regardless of the authenticity involved.

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