Saturday, April 4, 2009

South Bend, Indiana: College Football Hall of Fame

Let's see -- a goalpost in front of a building. Sounds like a football-connected facility to me. And that's exactly right. It's the College Football Hall of Fame in downtown South Bend, Indiana. There's a grid placed in front of the building, and as you might be able to see everyone like to frolic on it. No tackling on the concrete, though -- it hurts.

Inside, there are the usual tributes to the greats of college football and some special exhibits to schools like Syracuse (below), which happened to be playing Notre Dame the weekend I was there. The facility has a spiraled ramp down to the main exhibit area, and has some interactive items to keep the kids busy. I'm told this place does a big business on football Saturdays, so drop by some other time if you want your run of the place.

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