Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lewiston, New York: Our Lady of Fatima Shrine

Every so often, it's tempting to play the game called "What attraction in my region have I never seen?"

Time to cross the Our Lady of Fatima Shrine off the list, having paid a short, nice visit the other day.

The centerpiece is a Basilica with a dome on top. When inside, the roof looks like the Northern Hemisphere.

For those who want to climb 63 steps, visitors can reach the top of the Basilica. There's a large statue of Our Lady of Fatima, and the views of the well-landscaped grounds and the countryside are quite nice (see right). About 130 statues of saints have been placed in the area leading up the entrance to the Basilica. There's also a nice pond with a waterfall nearby, which seems like a good spot for a quiet moment. 

The Shrine has been open since 1954. There is a store and a cafeteria; the latter is only open at certain times. This all is located in Lewiston, although it has a Youngstown mailing address. Check the website for directions if you so inclined to pay a visit.

Guess it's time to find the next unexplored attraction in my area now. 

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Niagara Falls, NY: Aquarium of Niagara

It's always nice to be greeted by the host when arriving at a tourist attraction. This is what awaits visitors to the Aquarium of Niagara. In fact, as many as four such creatures are in a pond outside the front door.

The Aquarium is a nice little place a little bit north of the Falls. There is an assortment of sea lions, penguins, seals, fish, etc. on display. You can even set up a personal encounter with some of the critters. The staff has a reputation for being friendly.

Don't expect this to be anything like a big-city aquarium. The facility just isn't big enough. But, you'll probably find it to be an entertaining stop among the attractions in the area, especially if you time it to see some presentations.

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