Friday, March 27, 2009

Buffalo, New York: Millard Fillmore Gravesite

Millard Fillmore doesn't get a great deal of respect. He took over the Presidency after Zachary Taylor died; perhaps being the 13th President was unlucky.

Then Fillmore signed the Fugitive Slave Act, as America continued to wrestle with the issue of slavery. Fillmore's actions didn't go over well in his own party, and he didn't even get the Whigs' nomination in 1852. Oops.

Fillmore refused to join the Republicans when the Whigs went into the ash heap of history. He opposed Abraham Lincoln but supported Andrew Johnson's Reconstruction policies, a sure way to get on the wrong side of history.

Fillmore was from upstate New York, and was a Congressman from Buffalo. That's where he is buried. Once a year, a ceremony to honor him is held.

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