Friday, March 27, 2009

Las Vegas, Nevada: Liberace Museum

I know, I know. But you really should have gone anyway.

The AAA Guidebook rated this as a gem of an attraction, as this tribute to the late pianist's flamboyant lifestyle and career continues to pack in the tourists. It was located in the middle of a residential district, a ways from the Strip on Tropicana Ave. There are plenty of Liberace's gawdy outfits and a car, pianos owned by Gershwin and Chopin, and lots and lots of jewelry.

It's a little difficult to explain Liberace to today's young people, but that's OK -- their parents didn't quite understand him either. Still, there's no doubt that he packed them in for years, and was one of the most caring guys in the business.

Sadly, the recession of around 2008 doomed this museum, which closed a couple of years after that. With luck, everything is in storage somewhere, waiting for someone to take a chance and bring it back to life.

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting and noting that Liberace was, "one of the most caring guys in the business."

    He truly wanted to be remembered as a kind and generous spirit. Your observation helps affirm that the work we are doing to continue his legacy of showmanship and support for the arts through scholarship resonates in the museum experience.

    Thanks for visiting and "We'll be seeing you..."

    R. Darin Hollingsworth
    Liberace Foundation for the Performing & Creative Arts