Friday, March 27, 2009

Mount Washington, New Hampshire: Cog Railroad

There goes the Cog Railway, up to the top of Mount Washington. There are other ways of getting to the top, of course. There is driving, which is a little tough on the brakes, and walking, which is a little tough on the feet. So this isn't a bad alternative. Then again, it's kind of smelly and slow.

Here's a little travel tip for Mount Washington -- the weather at the bottom has little to do with the weather at the top. On our trip, it took only minutes before the train headed into a bank of fog. This led to a long train ride in which everyone looked at, well, nothing. It also was cold on the top -- no surprise there, since the place is famous for the nation's worst weather -- so we all ran inside as soon as possible and explored the gift shop.

The railroad has been going since 1869, and you can imagine how tough it was to build. The three-hour trip might be tough for kids, but it's worthwhile ... on a clear day.

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