Sunday, April 5, 2009

St. Augustine, Florida: World Golf Village

As Hall of Fames go, the World Golf Village is an odd one. Nice, but odd.

The World Golf Hall of Fame is shown here, and is actually a part of the village. The picture is taken on the other side of a large lake. On the unpictured side, there is a string of restaurants and shops that need more economic development. Along the edge of the lake, the owners have set up a miniature golf course and an island green to simulate the 17th at the nearby TPC course.

The Hall of Fame is about what you'd expect for the most part. There are plenty of exhibits about the history of the game, trophies are displayed, and top players are honored. I particularly liked the locker room, in which some of those enshrined have placed personal belongings. It's a nice touch. It is a little odd to have an IMAX theater (left in the picture above) as part of the complex. I guess you have to keep the kids entertained.

The area is surrounded by two golf courses and housing, which makes the whole project feel a little like a way to sell real estate. It's pretty well done, but it feels much different than a visit to Cooperstown or Springfield.

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