Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin

There's been a theft! Someone has taken the apostrophe out of his town's name!

It still is a pretty place anyway, in spite of the high crime rate. Baileys Harbor is on the Lake Michigan side of Door County. That's the relatively undeveloped side of the peninsula, although you wouldn't confuse any place on the strip of land with downtown Chicago.

According to the brochure, Captain Justice Bailey needed to get away from a storm on Lake Michigan in 1848 and landed in the harbor that now has his name. Before anyone knew it, people decided to say and settle in the area. A lighthouse went up in 1852.

There are some hotels and restaurants in the town, as well as a few other businesses. In fact, there's a "general store" of sorts on the waterfront that seems to have everything you could possibly need during a stay there. Just up the road from the waterfront is Kangaroo Lake, a pretty body of water that isn't too deep but good for some water sports like kayaking. It all looked pretty peaceful during our visit.

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