Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin: Mt. Olympus

Wisconsin Dells gets more tourists than any other part of the state. It's tough to figure out why until you actually get there.

It's Las Vegas for kids.

There are all sorts of attractions for the younger set -- miniature golf, bowling, chain restaurants, magic shows, and water parks. Lots of water parks.

One of the biggest attractions, especially in terms of advertising dollars spent, is Mt. Olympus. It's hard to avoid the signage approaching the area.

Mt. Olympus has six roller-coasters and some water slides. We particularly liked the coaster that goes under the body of a Trojan horse.

The facility has taken an unusual approach to housing. There is a hotel right on the grounds called Hotel Rome, pictured here. Those really are rooms facing out of the Colisseum replica. But Mt. Olympus also purchased some mom-and-pop hotels (and there are lots of them) in the neighborhood, no doubt to give the consumer a few more options when it comes to pricing.

We didn't stop and visit the park, due to a lack of time and interest in the main attractions. Still, as a service we checked the reviews for the place. While the rides seem to be fine, the rest of the place -- especially the hotels -- doesn't rate too well with the public. Customer service doesn't seem to be a priority, and security is an issue.

By the sounds of it, the park may be worth a visit if you like this sort of thing, but there are better places to stay.

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