Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Madison, Wisconsin: Ella's Deli

You want a nice, quiet meal? Go elsewhere. Ella's is for the child in you.

This deli east of the State Capitol in Madison is quite an attraction. The sign of the front lawn and the merry-go-round next pictured to the right might be your first sign that this is not a typical deli.

Inside, picture a baby's playpen gone berserk, and you'll get the idea. There's all sorts of toys in the building, with training running near the ceiling. Many of the tables have particular themes, such as one devoted to the Packers. Supposedly, when the owners get a new toy, they don't take out anything -- they just add to the collection.

As for the food, it's a big menu and certainly suitable. The ice cream list certainly got rave reviews from the public.

I think it's fair to say kids will love the place. Even the big ones.

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