Monday, October 14, 2013

Oneida, New York: World's Smallest Church

It seems as if every town in America, or at least every state, has the world's, or country's, smallest church. Here's a contender from Oneida, New York.

The sign adds some helpful information. This was built in 1989, and seats two. Yes, visitors are welcome, but you'd better talk to the owners first. The church is in the middle of a lake. And swimming doesn't look like such a great idea at this time of the year. It's not on an island but rather built on a platform.

Be sure to notice the cross, also on its own platform, next to the church.

To get there, head south toward Oneida from Thruway Exit 33 (Verona). Take a right on Sconondoa Road, which is not quite in town. Go for maybe a mile until Sconondoa Road bends to the left. Don't go left, go straight on to Mason Road, and immediately slow down. You'll see the church on the north (right) side. We're talking a three-mile detour one way at most from the Thruway.

Feel free to do a computer search for other small churches.You'll find other contenders.

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